What to Do if She Doesn’t Like You Back.

You have feelings.
You are a human after all, and we all
Have to deal with the inconvenience of
You, however, seem to have a slight disposition
To feel Everything
Much too deeply.
When you get a crush on that girl,
You will jump in head first
Trying to woo her with your wit
And your self-proclaimed Chivalry.
The funny thing is, maybe she doesn’t like it.
Your chivalry is overbearing.
Your wit is lackluster and will only cause
Her to laugh for a second at how it
Just managed to miss the mark.
You won’t understand
Until you’re in too deep
That maybe, she doesn’t like you back.
Maybe you’re not likeable.
Even if you bear your soul to this girl.
She gives you the time of day and you feel like
You could bask forever in that sunlight,
But the funny thing is
She isn’t the sunlight.
You are.
But she still tears you apart a little
Just enough to give you that nagging feeling
In your throat when you think about her
And how she doesn’t like you.
She wants to be friends.
You want to respect that
So you decide to be the best friend to her that you can be
Because you’re still feeling too deeply
And falling too far only to crash into the hard ground.
Some days you want to hide in your bed
To escape the feeling of your feelings
But you know that no matter what you feel
You love feeling it.
The depression
The anxiety
The days that suck and you want to end it
Those days make you feel alive because you know that
Those days will be evened out by the days when
You just want to frolic in a field
And dance in the rain.
You love feeling everything
Because feeling is how you get through life
Even if no one feels everything quite so deeply as you.
It disappoints you that they’re missing out on this
And that they can’t reciprocate your feelings toward them,
They just don’t feel that way.
They can’t.
So when she tells you that maybe you should just be friends
You smile your biggest smile and tell her
That friends is a good place to start.
And you feel stronger for it because
While your heart might be breaking,
You know that everything will repair itself and you’ll be better.
And you hope.
You hope that one day,
There will be a girl that can feel everything you feel
And maybe more.


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